Sunday, January 11, 2009


Check out this new blog ( ) arising from Justin Trottier and group, focussed on the damage that overly politically correct thinking does in our society. As their blog blurb says: "

We believe in equalism, not equity. Provide people equal opportunities, be they atheists and theists, secularists and religious, or men and women; groups should not be subject to social engineering meant to enforce equality of results or systematically bias our neutral public spaces.

This blog is dedicated to the defense of those seemingly all powerful in our society:

1) Scientists: pioneering inquirers, denigrated as arrogant elitists,

2) Rationalists: searching for truth with openness and fallibility, lambasted by the postmodern left and the religious right

3) Secularists: striving to maintain church-state separation, squeezed between religious accommodationists and multicultural ideologues,

4) Men: who die younger, are at greater risk of the top ten causes of death, suffer legal biases against fathers, are denounced in the media, are greater victims of violent crime, yet can't stop apologizing for their gender

We speak for those groups supposedly invulnerable to slander...not because we believe in censorship and wish to silence our critics. Just the opposite. Because we believe in the most uncompromising freedom of expression. So we're going to say some things that need to be said."

Their bi-weekly podcasts "The Pendulum Effect" is accessible from their blogsite above and at The RSS feed for this podcast is at: . Check it out.

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