Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Get Calls

When someone I barely know, don't remember meeting, or is overly friendly in that creepy unsolicited way calls me with a great business opportunity I get the BS bucket all ready to receive a new load of knowledge I don't want to make past short-term memory. This call was even worse. It wasn't just Amway, Melaluca or some other but a company called Another antioxidant miracle pill with all these things going for it(I'll list them in order in which she relayed them to me) and what I wish I had said:

1. Will give you lots of energy.
-compared to what? Coffee? Placebo?
2. Strengthens your immune system.
-bullocks. With exercise and a good diet you won't need to spend $60 a bottle. After spending hundreds of dollars on snake oil we would be willing to lie to ourselves just to feel like something other than a chump.
3. Because our soils are contaminated this will help.
-what does one have to do with the other? What pill helps with lead or nickel contamination?
4. The scientist is one of the top 100 scientists in the US.
-still looking for a reference for this. There are tens of thousands of scientists and this guy has time to slog compressed plant fibres? And top 100 in what discipline?
5. We're just getting started in this area.
-get in on the ground floor with your own home based business. How many of the multi-level marketing schemes can one go through and still have friends left? For another outrageous fee you can even get your own turnkey website! The lady that talked to me had her website numbered in the twelve thousands so someone is making a bundle and its not the poor soul that called me.
6. It's all natural so we don't have to take a lot of drugs to be healthy.
-this is where my brain went off the rails. What are chemicals found in the wild? Dirty drugs. No thought to dosage, controls for consistency of even contamination. Sounds like a future episode for House.
7. Its filled with antioxidants.
-really? So? The wonder working power of antioxidants has not only been proven to be oversold (heart disease) but harmful in some cases. is a wonderful place to start. After researching this I think its my new BFF.

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