Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parade of Whackloonery

This is an absolutely frightening video of some incredibly deluded people. A perfect example of how you can dress up ancient mysticism with pseudoscience thus coming up with some really smart sounding ways to believe anything.

Thanks to Steve Drisdelle for the link.

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Anonymous said...

to choose either side of an argument between an atheists and a creationist, IS the "parade of whackloonery".
this age old argument has gone on long enough, and for those who cant see that its a classic "conquer and divide" strategy, used on the masses by the olygarky who has controlled our "reality" since the beggining of time?...
shame on those who wont question evrything as a whole. to me? evolution is just as important as spirituality! the existence of both is needed for the existence of either! wake up! free thought doesnt come freely.
these are the reasons that i have never supported the humanist leage, or your campaign to slander or ridicule others.