Wednesday, October 29, 2008

November 20th 2008 Shhhh!

The next meeting of the Sudbury Humanists Association is Thursday November 20th in the Canadian Hearing Society on Paris. Bring a donation to pay for the room and try to remember we have to be quiet for the Meditation Group down the hall. There really needs to be much less laughing and having fun. I mean really! We're atheists! We have no reason to live!


SoFree said...

Hello friends and associates and community we are honored to invite you and interested guests to join us for a talk by Annie Wenger -Nabigon and Herb Nabigon who will be speaking to our group at our monthly meeting ( On behalf of Humanist Association of Sudbury) All are welcome. For November 20th 2008 7pm at Hearing Society on Paris St. - Annie and Herb will be speaking on "Reconfiguring Relationships - Standing With the Oppressor and With the Oppressed". It is a topic I have been working on this past year in connection with my research on a First Nation Model of Mishkauzee (Strength;Resilience). IAnnie and Herb believe it is important for non-indigenous people who are attempting to address issues pertaining to indigenous peoples to first of all do their own work on de-colonizing themselves, and will attempt to further explore this topic as well as generate a good discussion. Herb Nabigon, will also contribute a First Nations perspective on the topic and add some interesting teachings.


Annie Wenger-Nabigon

SoFree said...

Hi Bill could you post this url as a link on our site for Trent Radio Humanist Perspectives with Age Smies on Sundays. Thanks Sheila