Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And All The People Said...

Dear Mr. Dion,
For the first time in my voting life of 62 years, I had decided to vote Liberal.In order to defeat Mr. Harper's bid for more power over this country, I had decided that your party was the best alternative.I respect you and also respect Bob Rae.
You two men were my main reason for making this choice.As for you, I have read much of your written work as it has been appearing in newspapers and I believe you to be an honest man, with integrity and a strong moral base.
However, as a secular Humanist, dedicated to equal civil rights of all members of this society,with no special privilege or taxpayer-generated capital given to any religious or ethnic group, I have had to revise my choice of vote.
I cannot ever condone the gift of my taxes or anyone's to a religious group of any stripe.Any law-biding organization which or person who has been harrassed, threatened or physically attacked by others in this country should be serviced as the need arises by the law enforcement mechanisms which we have in place. This must include all citizens, not only the religions, and if we need to inject more of our tax money into this need, it is required for us to do so to be a civilized nation.
If you should retract this offer, or better yet, make it applicable to all citizens and citizen groups regardless of religious affiliation it would be a step towards having a civilized nation.
I would certainly swing my vote back to your party for this election if you were to do this.
Respectfully yours,
Joan Pella

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Sheila said...

As much as I have had past respect for Diane Marleau and appreciate the work she has done for Sudbury, I think change is necessary and I am pleased that an NDP party has been given a chance to represent the north in Ottawa. I am pleased that Will Morin of the First Peoples Party and the Green Party are gaining the respect of the people as indicated by increased votes to their campaigns. We need a united front to bring all issues to the table and especially to secure the rights of non theists and bloc right wing and extremists like David Popescu from being given another chance to spew his filth under the guise of freedom of speech and relgion at public candidate debates while athiests are ignored and discounted in many other important venues